Choose a Eco-friendly hotel

Choose an eco-friendly hotel.

Remember that the world wasn't given to you for free.

Dear Guest,

This article was created with the intention of introducing you to what goes on “behind the scenes” of your stay.

We aim to inform you about the tools BellaVista uses to make your stay more eco-friendly.

Water saving

The more drops of clean water there are, the more the world will shine with beauty.”

Water is a precious and limited commodity, which is why all taps and showers are equipped with water-saving filters.

Furthermore, all the tanks of our sanitary ware are equipped with a system that modifies the internal float sensor, the result will therefore be less use of water each time it is discharged.

Clean energy

The additional electricity that we are unable to generate through the cogeneration plant is purchased by Dolomiti Energia which is based on the introduction into the grid (through the cancellation of GO certificates) of a quantity of renewable, therefore clean, energy equal to energy consumption for which the company requests certification. Finally, this certification that we can boast of covers all of our consumption.

100% Clean Energy!

Sustainable mobility

We support and believe in more sustainable mobility, it is in fact for this reason that our guests can find everything they need for sustainable travel with us. In fact, it is possible to recharge both electric cars and E-Bikes, use our internal bike space and travel for free on public transport thanks to the Valsugana Guest Card.

Zer0 Co2

We also want to do our part, which is why we have been in collaboration with the Cantina Romanese di Levico Terme for years. Every year, thanks to the products we buy from them, around 13 trees are planted a year, thanks to a high environmental impact reforestation promoted by Zer0 C02.

Cuisine & Seasonality

In the kitchen we prefer to offer products from our beloved territory following their seasonality.

Saving with intelligence
In addition to the presence of a central heating and electricity supply, further solutions aimed at saving are adopted, through advanced domotic management software, capable of minimizing energy consumption and optimally distributing the electrical loads.
Led – Light Emitting Diode

Siamo orgogliosi di affermare che ad oggi, il 90% delle lampadine e delle luci presenti nel nostro Hotel, sono a tecnologia LED a basso consumo energetico; Garantiscono quindi un’ alta efficienza ed un ottimo risparmio energetico.

Cooling in Free cooling

In the common areas, in addition to a normal air conditioning system, we also use a free cooling system. In fact, this allows us to lower the internal temperature by exploiting only the difference in external temperature, when the external climate is cool enough.

Waste sorting

In our hotel a strict separate waste collection policy is respected with special containers present in the corridors of the hotel floors, in the rooms and in all departments. On receipt, used batteries and used printer toner are disposed of in the correct manner.


Since 1960, the Galvan family has always actively contributed to the promotion of the territory in Italy and abroad, through support for the local community, collaborations with local institutions and support for cultural and sports associations. Furthermore, the privilege of suppliers and the use of Collaborators from neighboring areas favor the development of the area.


We pay great attention to the satisfaction of the Collaborators, for us it is in fact as important as that of the Guests. We put a lot of effort and attention into the selection and professional growth of the Team, also collaborating through training activities, goal systems aimed at motivating the Staff. A consolidated approach over the years that stimulates a relationship of mutual trust and a sense of belonging.

Cogeneration plant

We have installed a cogeneration module which produces electricity and thermal power at the same time. This system allows us to cover part of the thermal and electrical requirements of the entire hotel.

The gas that feeds the cogeneration plant is natural gas. Natural gas is in fact a “clean” fuel with low environmental impact.

Condensing boiler

Given the large demand for hot water that our structure entails, we decided to install a condensing boiler which is based on a technology that does not allow heat dispersion and also exploits the heat of the combusted gases.


All advertising and information material is made from recycled paper or at least 70% recycled material. The FSC Mix label indicates that the wood or paper inside the product comes from FSC certified material, recycled material and/or controlled wood (not less than 70% certified materials and/or recycled materials).